Uncompromising precision and simplicity

Eliminates all barriers to the implementation of projects requiring precision data.

Designed and assembled in Canada

Each unit is individually tested. A unique serial number is assigned, which allows us to provide optional traceability certificates.

Meeting your high precision needs

Some of our sensors have a 3-point calibration mechanism that greatly improves the accuracy over the calibrated range compared to standard models.

Backwards compatible solutions

We are committed to optimizing the work you have already done by making sure that our solutions are backwards compatible.

Products you can trust

Approved by engineers, scientists and researchers around the world.

To date, our products have been used in over 35 countries around the world, and have been integrated into an impressive variety of industrial, technological, scientific and software projects. Many of them have been made possible by our command-line data acquisition tools, which allow for the simple and direct integration of data generated by our devices into other systems. Our free data visualization software offers the possibility to instantly visualize the data generated by our products and to start recording it, without any configuration.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies worldwide:

Simple solution

3 steps away from your goal

Step 1

Download our application

Install our data acquisition and integration tools

Step 2


Connect the devices to a free USB port.

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Step 3

Log and integrate

Instantly visualize your data and integrate your data stream.

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