PTH450: Improved accuracy (±0.1°C/±1.5 %RH) temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure measuring instrument with USB connection, particle filter and aluminum tip for harsh environments - Front view with USB plug

Plug & Log Instruments for Reliable Data.

Simple. Fast. Precise. Accessible.

Simple & Accurate Measuring for the Most Demanding Industries

Take advantage of a fully “mix & match” ecosystem of USB precision sensors to build a portable and scalable measurement station. Base your decisions on reliable and robust data from products designed and assembled entirely in Canada and used worldwide for over 10 years. As an option, get instruments adjusted, calibrated and certified by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory.

Build a Secure Network via Wi-Fi and Ethernet in Record Time

One SensGate at a time, iteratively build a large, perfectly synchronized measurement network that meets the most demanding engineering and biomedical requirements. Rely on connection redundancy, data logging redundancy and advanced device management mechanisms to ensure the reliability of your network, while enjoying the unparalleled ease of operation for which Dracal Technologies is universally recognized.

Connected sensgate, with devices

Instantly Access the Precision Data You Need

Our free DracalView data logging and visualization software lets you access your Dracal instrument data instantly from any computer. It’s also cross-platform compatible (Mac OS, Windows and Linux), so you can download it in less than 3 minutes and start measuring instantly. Whether you have 5 or 100 instruments, identical or not, all data will automatically be harmonized, saving you hours of tedious manual alignment.

Integrate Your Data with Ease

Easily integrate the data generated by your Dracal instruments into your existing systems to benefit from robust and reliable data while enjoying the functionalities of your favorite software. With our simplified dracal-usb-get command line tool (included in the DracalView download), you can quickly redirect data from your Dracal instruments to where you want them. In addition, the Virtual COM Port (VCP) communication option – available for most of our sensors – allows devices to communicate their data without third-party software: perfect for OEM integrations.

High-quality data and the most reliable instruments, designed to meet the needs of today’s most demanding markets


Access precision, high-performance measurement tools for every phase of your project, delivering instant results. From immediate data visualization as soon as you receive your instrument, to permanent data-stream integration with your final system, we’ve got the tool you need to get the job done swiftly and simply, without compromising the quality of your data.

Biomedical & Biopharma

Access a “plug & log” data acquisition solution providing you with top-quality data, and the ability to meet industry norms. It’s all about simplifying your job today and in the long run, with a scalable, “mix & match” approach.

Be instantly operational – here’s how:

Step 1

Download our app, compatible with any system.

(Mac, Linux, Windows)

Step 2

Connect the devices to a free USB port.

Step 3

Instantly visualize your data.

Step 4

Integrate your data stream in any system.

About us

Our mission is straightforward: we open the doors to precision data.

We’re a team of young, dynamic and driven scientists and engineers who care about helping accelerate progress. We are highly qualified men and women who come from different backgrounds and disciplines, and for the past 10 years we’ve been working to simplify the tasks required to reach specific goals. We’re here to support you in your precision-data acquisition projects, no matter what they are.


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