About our services

Yes. Any user of Dracal products is entitled to our customer support service, as long as the questions focus on Dracal’s specific offering (specifications, calibration, data quality, etc.).

Yes, custom modifications are possible on a wide range of products. Please contact us with your requirements and quantities to find out the feasibility of the modification, the cost and the lead time.

About our offer

To determine the availability of a product, simply go to its ordering page. Availability for each option is displayed in the order table. Still, for quantities of 100 units or more, we recommend that you contact us to check stock availability.

The SensGate has been designed to meet exactly this need safely, thanks to its long-distance network communication capabilities (Ethernet, Wi-Fi).

Another solution is to use USB extenders. As Dracal products operate at very low voltages, the options available on the market are not very restrictive, apart from quality, depending on the manufacturer chosen.

The devices with the 3-point calibration mechanism have a longer lifetime as it is possible to compensate for the natural drift of the measurements. The cost/lifetime ratio is thus considerably reduced and, just as importantly, this choice is environmental friendly.
These devices can be easily calibrated and certified by external resources (including our ISO17025 certified partner laboratory) and allow you to synchronize your various devices between them.

1. Connection security. 6. Continuous power supply.
2. Instant access to data. 7. Low-power supply.
3. Data confidentiality. 8. Self-sufficiency.
4. Data reliability. 9. Technology persistence over time.
5. Fast response time. 10. Universal access.

Yes, you own your data. To integrate your data, you can either use our CLI (command line interface) for which we have plenty of code examples or for more advanced users, by choosing the VCP (Virtual COM Port) option when selecting your product.

Unlimited number of similar and different devices, provided your system supports the load.

Questions about pricing, payment and quotation

We have created the easiest possible quote request system for you.
1. Create an account and log in.
2. Then do whatever you would do while shopping, then click on the shopping cart in the top right.
3. In your cart, click on “Switch to quote”, then at the bottom of the page “Proceed to quote”. You will not be asked for any payment information.

You will then receive a quote by email, which you can accept and pay within 30 days.

Yes, and we encourage it! Contact us and ask for for it!

Yes you can. In order to do so, you need to send the fully completed Dracal NET30 Application Form to our sales team at sales@dracal.com. If your request is accepted, you will be authorized to send an official order to this same address, and the order will be placed on the account you will have previously created with your shipping and billing contact information.

Return/exchange/warranty questions

Dracal Technologies guarantees the incomparable speed of use and the exceptional quality of its products, that they are made of new materials, assembled and tested in our factory in Canada, in processes that respect human rights and the environment. We guarantee the absolute absence of any form of programmed obsolescence, and that conversely, we deploy sustained efforts on both our electrical and mechanical designs to extend the life of our devices as long as possible so that the results of the efforts invested by our customers last over time but also, and just as importantly, to preserve our planet. We guarantee unlimited access to all updates of our free software tools. We offer a 2-year material warranty.

Shipping questions

  • Orders of 50 units or less are normally prepared and shipped within 3 business days, unless noted otherwise. Orders including traceability certificates take an additional 10 business days.
  • The transit time varies according to the country of destination.
  • Business days are Monday to Friday, with the exception of holidays (Canadian or in the destination country).
  • We ship from Canada.
  • Orders shipped outside Canada may, depending on the destination country, incur additional import duties, taxes and charges. Those are not included and are the buyer’s responsibility. Be aware that for some countries, the additional fees can be very significant (eg: Over half the product price). It is your responsability to research prior to placing an order.

We send an email when we first receive your order and a second message once it has been shipped. Please make sure to check your spambox if the emails appear not to be getting through.

It varies according to the destination:

  • To Canada: 2-3 business days
  • United States: 2-5 business days
  • International: 4-5 business days to most destinations.

Note: To quote Canadapost: “These service standards are not guaranteed. Service standards are estimates of how long it will take for the mail to be delivered.”

Traceable certificates

No, we no longer do. We did in the past, but we stopped because most of our customers have a tight calibration schedule and can’t afford to have a certification date that’s already a few weeks old.

The -CAL suffix option makes it possible to adjust the instruments with our polynomial 3-point-user-calibration mechanism. It does not mean that the product comes with a certificate, which needs to be purchased separately on the ordering tab of each product.

* The reason why we do not automatically provide the instruments with ISO17025 certification is that they are quite expensive and many users do not want/need to pay for it.

  1. You add the product and required certificate(s) to the cart and checkout.
  2. We receive your order and contact you by email to establish the required certification points (temperature, pressure, etc).
    Calibration: If your device is equipped with the 3-point user calibration mechanism, we will ask you if you wish your device to be calibrated by the laboratory when the certificate is issued.
  3. You confirm your requirements. From this point, the certificates are not refundable and non-modifiable.
  4. The products are sent to the lab. After up to 10 business days, certificates are issued.
  5. The certificates and the products are packed together and shipped.