Payment questions

Yes, but only for orders above 300$.

Questions about products

This unit has an automatic calibration process that sets the lowest value recorded in a week at 450 ppm, which is supposed to be achieved in the presence of fresh air. If, during a given week, the sensor has never been in contact with fresh air (including the absence of living creatures for 12 hours in a closed room), the calibration process cannot take place correctly. Also note that for this automatic calibration process to work properly, the sensor must be plugged in for 7 days straight.

To have your unit recalibrated correctly, please do the following

1. Use an extension cable instead of plugging the unit directly into your computer.

2. Plug your unit into a location where it will have power for a full week. The self-calibration process takes place every 7 days without interruption of power. When you shut down your laptop, the unit will stop receiving power and the recording and calibration process will start again each time.

3. During the 7 days of power, make sure your sensor has access to fresh air: this will be its baseline for calibration. Fresh air is outdoor air, or it can simply be placed in a room where no living beings are present for 12 hours. In other words, it should not be placed in a place where there are people 100% of the time.

REMARK: The DXC100 was designed for offices (which are usually empty on weekends) and homes (when, before the days of COVID, they were empty during the weekdays).

Humidity and temperature measurements are internal measurements, i.e. they are taken inside the case. Therefore, the temperature is higher inside the case than outside, and conversely, the humidity is lower inside the case than outside. These measurements must be accurate and inside the case, as they are used in the automated calibration process in the product.

In order to apply an offset to these measurements, one option is to use the mathematical channels available in DracalView to implement a new channel on which you have applied your 1-point compensation (i.e. an offset) to your measurements.

This is an entry point for a gas (CO2, O2, …) tube to allow precise calibration. The black part is the watertight cap to be removed to insert the tube. To release the hole (to remove the cap and then insert the tube, and vice versa), first pull the blue part outwards and hold it there. You can then freely remove or insert the cap and/or the tube.

Return/exchange/warranty questions

Shipping questions

  • Orders are normally prepared and shipped within 3 business days, unless noted otherwise.
  • The transit time varies according to the country of destination.
  • Business days are Monday to Friday, with the exception of holidays (Canadian or in the destination country).
  • We ship from Canada.
  • Orders shipped outside Canada may, depending on the destination country, incur additional import duties, taxes and charges. Those are not included and are the buyer’s responsibility. Be aware that for some countries, the additional fees can be very significant (eg: Over half the product price). It is your responsability to research prior to placing an order.
  • It varies according to the destination:

    • To Canada: 2-3 business days
    • United States: 2-5 business days
    • International: 4-5 business days to most destinations.

    Note: To quote Canadapost: “These service standards are not guaranteed. Service standards are estimates of how long it will take for the mail to be delivered.”

    Normally no more than 3 business days, unless specified otherwise on the product’s page. Canadian public holidays are not counted as business days. Also note that at the end of each year we close from December 24 to January 5.

    Traceable certificates

    1. You add the product and required certificate(s) to the cart and checkout.
    2. We receive your order and contact you by email to establish the required certification points (temperature, pressure, etc).
      Calibration: If your device is equipped with the 3-point user calibration mechanism, we will ask you if you wish your device to be calibrated by the laboratory when the certificate is issued.
    3. You confirm your requirements. From this point, the certificates are not refundable and non-modifiable.
    4. The products are sent to the lab. After up to 10 business days, certificates are issued.
    5. The certificates and the products are packed together and shipped.

    Various questions

    We have created the easiest possible quote request system for you.
    1. Create an account and log in.
    2. Then do whatever you would do while shopping, then click on the shopping cart in the top right.
    3. In your cart, click on “Switch to quote”, then at the bottom of the page “Proceed to quote”. You will not be asked for any payment information.

    You will then receive a quote by email, which you can accept and pay within 30 days.

    We send an email when we first receive your order and a second message once it has been shipped. Please make sure to check your spambox if the emails appear not to be getting through.