Dracal Toolkit

Free data integration and visualization toolkit (DAQ) for our products


Dracal Technologies provides a free set of data acquisition and integration tools. This includes a graphical user interface for quick data visualization and logging, as well as command-line tools (CLI) for easy and efficient integration of your data into your own systems.

Data visualisation and logging


QTenki is a free software from Dracal Technology for logging data from our USB sensors. It features an easy-to-use graphical user interface that supports all of our sensors communicating via the USB protocol. The built-in graphical module provides a quick and easy way to view data in real time. It also saves data in text files (configurable format) for importing into a spreadsheet or graphics software for later analysis.

  • Works under Windows (XP, Win7/8/10 64&32-bit), Mac OS X and Linux
  • Supports the simultaneous use of an unlimited number of Dracal sensors on the same computer
  • Simultaneous and synchronized recording of all types of sensors
  • Records captured data to text files (configurable format)
  • The recording file can be viewed in real time (new values are added dynamically)
  • Easy-to-use calibration manager for our calibratable products
  • Up to 50 additionnal channels allowing the use of mathematical formulas

Command-line interface for data integration


Our QTenki software also comes with our free command line tool usbtenkiget.
This tool, which QTenki shares the resources, allows you to directly access your data and gives you all the autonomy you need to integrate them into other programs.

  • Works under Windows (XP, Win7/8/10 64&32-bit), Mac OS X and Linux(instructions)
  • Simultaneous and synchronized recording of all types of sensors
  • Sensor interrogation by unique serial number
  • Export to stdout
  • Configurable measurement units (°C, °F, Kelvin…)
  • Code examples in numerous programming languages available
  • One concrete example of integration within LabVIEW available