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Instantly Operational USB measuring instruments and DAQ Solutions

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Dracal products are composed of new materials, assembled, and individually tested in our factory in Canada, following processes that respect human rights and the environment. We guarantee the absolute absence of any form of planned obsolescence. Conversely, we make sustained efforts in both our electrical and mechanical designs to extend the lifespan of all devices for as long as possible so that the results of your efforts endure over time and, equally importantly, to preserve our planet. We guarantee free access to any updates of Dracal free software tools.

Precision Measuring Instruments

Unlock the potential of a mix-and-match ecosystem to create your portable and scalable measurement station.

  • Accurate and easy-to-use instruments.
  • Measures different key metrics individually or in combination.
  • Allows real-time data visualization and logging of data.
  • Easily transmit data via USB using Dracal tools or, optionally, directly through a Virtual COM Port (VCP).
  • Easy integration into your infrastructure at any time.
  • Calibration certificates issued by a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory are available.

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Remote Data Logging Station

Be up-and-running in less than 3 minutes.

SensGate allows you to remotely connect seamlessly one or more USB Dracal Technologies sensors and see all of them like if they were connected directly to a USB port on your computer. All of this without drivers or additional hardware.

Connected sensgate, with devices

External Probes

Get access to quality data with a select range of probes for our measuring instruments.

These probes have either been entirely designed, or carefully selected and approved by our team of experts.


Consider Dracal your one-stop shop for completing, expanding or repairing your system.

Everything you need for a simple, robust and functional installation.

Other good things to know

Dracal has been tought to be integrated into your own infrastructure.

Choosing Dracal for a specific project or to build a part of an infrastructure is not a restrictive decision. At any time, Dracal can become a modular part of your evolving whole.

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Small to medium-sized order will be shipped within 3 business days, unless an instrument is identified on the website as “Out of Stock.” There is never a bad surprise when it comes to inventory.