Software development

Your proofs of concept
Transformed into proof of value

  • Impress your customers with the ease of use of your solutions by instantly integrating data streams of impeccable quality.

  • Let your customers understand their freedom to expand by integrating and recognizing as many devices as desired.

  • Make the flexibility of your software real by harmonizing several types of measurements effortlessly under their eyes.


Develop once and only once.


  • Each Dracal device has a unique serial number for direct and unambiguous access

  • All our devices communicate their data in numbered and standardized channels

  • We guarantee the backward compatibility of our integration tools: what works today will still work tomorrow

Virtual COM port communication: USB technology adapted to your software needs

Our products with the VCP (Virtual COM port) option allow you to benefit from the simple and accessible connectivity of USB while maintaining your communication protocol requirements.

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Direct and easy integration

Our integration tools are designed to be simple and accessible. A bank of code examples in more than 10 programming languages is at your disposal so that your integration work can start right away.

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10 years of Canadian expertise at your service

Adopt an accessible and efficient technology proven for over 10 years by hundreds of engineers, scientists and developers around the world.

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