Precision devices
instantly operational

  • Remove the barriers between you and your data acquisition projects.

  • Don’t spend one more second to have your measuring devices work.

With your Dracal devices, you will have instant access to exceptionally precise and reliable data without configuration.


Install our free data acquisition tools and your devices will be instantly recognized by our softwares. Supported by Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Uncompromising precision

Proof of precision

The majority of our products offer the possibility of a NIST traceable certificate certified by an ISO 17025 certified laboratory. Ask about products that support the 3-point user calibration mechanism. These devices can also be calibrated by the certification laboratory.

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You are always here in our mind!

Do you want to integrate your data in your existing system?

Sensitive to your reality, we provide you with a command line data integration tool of proven ease of use. Accompanied by tutorials and detailed documentation, its use is accessible to everyone.

For those who wonder if only USB is supported, many of our products have the ability to communicate as virtual COM ports. Look for products with the VCP option.

Products supporting the VCP option

Backward compatibility and sustainability

Long-life products

Our tools support an unlimited number of Dracal devices of all types. Expand and diversify your data ecosystem with minimal effort.

Have a clear conscience. Our solutions are backward compatible and without surprises, and our product lines are durable over time.

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