Experimental research

The data you need
In less than 3 minutes

  • Don’t wait any longer to proceed with your project. The precision data it requires is now within your reach!

  • Visualize, log and combine all types of measurement tools without constraints.

What the visualization software allows you to do

  • Instantly start a logging task involving an unlimited amount of devices

  • Visualize your measurement curves over short or long periods

  • Calibrate in 3 points your sensors to obtain an increased precision or to synchronize your devices

  • Apply mathematical formulas to your data through the use of MATH channels

Credible and reliable data working for

Your project success

Have a clear conscience with a NIST (NRC) traceable certificate issued by our ISO 17025 certified laboratory partner. This certificate will compare the measurements of your device to a worldwide scientific reference and will indicate the deviations.

Gain an additional level of accuracy by having the laboratory calibrate your device for you. This option is only available for products equipped with the 3-point user calibration mechanism.

See calibratable devices

Be free to use the software of your choice

Our command line integration tool allows you to easily integrate the data generated by our products with your favorite software, such as LabVIEW*. A bank of code examples is available to help you quickly get started with your integration.

Simple, proven technology for uninterrupted flow of reliable data

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your valuable data will get there. The robustness of USB technology has long been proven and is at your service for projects where data availability is of critical importance.

10 years of Canadian expertise at your service

Adopt an accessible and accurate technology proven for over 10 years by hundreds of engineers and scientists around the world.