Warranty Policy

Effective date: June 1st, 2018


Our Quality Guarantee

Dracal Technologies (“we”, or “us”) guarantees unmatched ease of use and exceptional quality of its products, which are composed of new materials, assembled and individually tested in our factory in Canada, following processes that respect human rights and the environment. We guarantee the absolute absence of any form of planned obsolescence. Conversely, we make sustained efforts in both our electrical and mechanical designs to extend the lifespan of our devices for as long as possible so that the results of our customers’ efforts endure over time and, equally importantly, to preserve our planet. We guarantee free access to any updates of our free software tools.


Material warranty and return policy

Dracal Technologies warrants only to the original purchaser of its products for a period of 24 months (2 years) from the date of delivery. We guarantee the exceptional quality of our products, that they are made of new materials, assembled and tested one by one in our factory in Canada. During this period, if your product is found to be defective, Dracal Technologies will repair and/or replace it, at our discretion, at no charge to the purchaser, provided that :
– written notice describing the defects must be given within fourteen (14) days of their occurrence
– it is established to Dracal’s reasonable satisfaction that such defects are the result of defective design, material or workmanship on our part
– the defective product must be returned to Dracal’s factory at the purchaser’s expense;
– and the warranty period for any repaired or replaced product shall be limited to the unexpired portion of the original period.

This warranty does not apply to any equipment which has not been installed and operated in accordance with the specifications recommended by Dracal Technologies for the intended and proper use of the equipment. Dracal Technologies makes no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Therefore, Dracal Technologies is only responsible for defects in its products occurring under the operating conditions specified in the datasheet of the product and proper use of the product.

Dracal Technologies assumes no liability arising from the application or use of any product or circuit and expressly disclaims all liability, including consequential or incidental damages. All operating parameters, including recommended parameters, must be validated for each customer’s application by the customer’s technical experts. Recommended parameters can and do vary in different applications. Dracal Technologies reserves the right, without further notice, to (i) change the specifications of its products and/or the information contained herein and (ii) improve the reliability, functions and design of its products.