New REST API for SensGate


Today, Dracal launches RVCP, a new REST API for VCP products connected to SensGate.

The COM protocol (VCP) communication option is highly valued by users of the Dracal ecosystem, as it enables the integration of precision data without relying on third-party software.

In a context where many applications of Dracal instruments are part of a more global solution, whether for OEM integrators or integration with professional scientific software, Dracal has decided to extend this functionality to SensGate, its wireless communication gateway (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB), to create new opportunities for existing and future integrators.

Thanks to RVCP, a REST API implemented natively on the SensGate, VCP product owners will now be able to extend their network beyond the wired constraints associated with USB, virtually without changing their existing code.

To learn more about RVCP, please consult the RVCP documentation.