Founded in 2011, Dracal Technologies is a 100% Quebec (Canada) based company innovating in the field of advanced electronics and software development. For the past 10 years, we have positioned ourselves as a facilitator in the field of precision data acquisition. Our mission is simple: to democratize access to precision data. Our highly qualified team is mobilized by the desire to eliminate all barriers to the implementation of simple or complex projects requiring precision data. It is this vision that is at the source of our series of devices communicating by USB protocol.


To date, our products have been used in more than 35 countries around the world, and have been used in an impressive variety of industrial, technological, scientific and academic projects. Many of these projects have been made possible by our command-line data acquisition tools, which allow for the simple and direct integration of data generated by our measurement devices into other systems. Our free data visualization software offers the possibility to instantly visualize and record the data generated by our products, without any configuration.




All of our Dracal brand products are fully designed and assembled in Quebec (Canada). Each unit is individually tested and calibrated when required. It is also assigned a unique serial number allowing for tracking and certification.


Our products are designed to meet high precision needs. In addition to the quality of the sensors themselves, many of them feature a 3-point user calibration mechanism to improve accuracy on the specific calibrated range.


Have high accuracy data accessible in less than 3 minutes. Visualize, log, calibrate, redirect, integrate your data easily and freely.


Since most of you integrate our products with your own software and/or permanent installations, we are committed to optimizing the work you have already done by ensuring that our solutions are backward compatible. What works today will still work tomorrow.


Dracal products communicate their data following a structured and well-defined protocol that facilitates the harmonization of data from multiple sensors. Our users are therefore free to evolve their data acquisition projects, both in terms of quantity and variety of products, at a very low technical cost.


We gladly share our knowledge via the sharing of comprehensive and concise documentations and tutorials. Take some time to visit our support page: who knows, you might learn something! Also, feel free to send us your suggestions for information that is missing but that you would find interesting to know about our products and solutions.


As an innovative company, we are always happy to receive your ideas, suggestions and partnership proposals. Indeed, many of our products are the result of successful collaborations with customers looking for solutions to their needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss your projects and needs.