Comparison of RTD USB adapters series

We offer a growing variety of USB adapters for RTD Pt100 probes. Learn about the options and find the perfect one for your application.

Product table

Product Operating range T° Accuracy
(at 25°C, typical)



Sampling rate

RTD300 -200°C to 800°C ±0.005°C ±0.0001°C Up to 10 SPS
RTD200 -200°C to 800°C ±0.06°C ±0.02°C Up to 3 SPS
RTD223 -200°C to 800°C ±0.06°C ±0.02°C Up to 3 SPS

Note: The above is a summary meant to highlight key differences. Please refer to individual product pages and datasheets for complete specifications.

Probe connection types

The RTD200 and RTD300 have a 3-pin connector to help connect the probe.

The RTD223 has a 3-screw terminal block.

Image Probe connection type Pros Application
3-pin polarized connector Very easy to change probes

Needing to change the probe often, for example, to clean it.

Terminal block Extremely robust connection The entire instrument is moved.

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