Automating processes in telematics within minutes using Dracal

Process automation based on environmental data

Telematics and connected vehicles

Who is this use case for?
Organizations and professionals in various industries, including technology, manufacturing, and research, who need to automate processes based on environmental data.

What is this about?
Implementation of environmental data-driven process automation for test chambers as efficiently as possible.

Customer Story

Feedback from the main test engineer of a company specializing in connected vehicles and telematics


We have been using Dracal's temperature sensor for monitoring our test chamber, and the sensors are performing exceptionally well.


We particularly appreciate the ease with which we can automate processes; connecting the sensors has been straightforward and efficient.


Unlike many other sensors that require proprietary software and create barriers for integrating data into our systems, Dracal’s software solution is free of charge. For example, National Instruments offers many sensors, but their requirement for proprietary input and output cards makes integration long and complicated.


At our facility, we use a homemade system built with C# and .NET for Windows, including our own logging software. Dracal’s USB solution stood out for its ease of use and simplicity in connection. While other solutions on the market would have taken several hours to set up, we were up and running in just a couple of minutes with Dracal.


This efficiency and user-friendliness made Dracal the best choice for our needs.

Find reliable sensors that can be easily integrated into the existing system without the need for expensive proprietary input /output cards, which complicate and prolong the integration process.

Dracal's USB sensors, together with the free data integration toolkit working on virtually any computer, is a well-suited solution due to the sensors' ease of use and the simplicity of connection. Unlike other solutions, which require costly proprietary I/O acquisition cards for data access, Dracal's sensors do not impose such barriers, making integration seamless and efficient.

Prerequisites and limitations

  • A system with USB ports and a standard operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Basic knowledge of sensor integration and data automation processes
  • The initial purchase of Dracal sensors
  • Having identified the best integration tool between command-line tools and the COM communication option (VCP)


  • Installing Dracal Software, which includes the integration toolkit
  • Quickly visualizing your sensor measurements with DracalView
  • Copying and pasting the appropriate code examples into your system's programming language
  • Adapting/upgrading the code example to fit your specific sensors and requirements

State after implementation
Set up an automated system based on accurate and reliable environmental data in just a few minutes. The engineer assigned to testing saves several hours of implementation time while gaining access to a wide range of relevant measurements. Maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum, as the integration tools are free of charge, and the ease of use of Dracal products makes the maintenance burden virtually non-existent. The unique serial number of each instrument ensures traceability and certification, thereby meeting the highest standards of quality control.