Achieving ISO 8655:2022 compliance with Dracal sensors

Easy integration and maximum precision for pipette calibration
Instrumentation Science & Technology

Who is this use case for?
Laboratory technicians responsible for pipette calibration, and engineers involved in automating and managing pipette calibration data.

What is this about?
Meeting the environment and water monitoring requirements of the ISO 8655:2002 norm.

Customer Story

Feedback from two pipette calibration laboratory technicians working for the same international company, and from the software integrator


Dracal sensors made our METTLER TOLEDO RAININ state of the art calibration lab fully compliant to the new ISO 8655:2022 Pipette calibration standard. The sensors were easy to integrate into our laboratory monitoring environment (instrument server setup).


The Dracal climate monitor solution fits perfect in our calibration labs:

   - Nice compact hardware

   - Different free of charge software solutions (Dracalview, climate monitor, logging, ...)

   - Direct connectible to our applications

This together with quick delivery at affordable price brings us to a win/win situation.


The sensors we use (VCP-PTH450-CAL and VCP-RTD300-CAL) are well suited for our use at accredited calibration labs as reference sensors. They are very handy and easy to integrate into our own SW. The support has been very quick with resolving any potential issue.

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"Dracal sensors made our lab fully compliant to the new ISO 8655:2022 Pipette calibration standard"

"The Dracal climate monitor; nice discovery"

"Very good sensors, easy to use and very good support"

Upgrading a state-of-the-art calibration laboratory to comply with the new ISO 8655:2022 pipette calibration standard requires the efficient and affordable integration of new precision instruments into the existing laboratory control environment. Indeed, the new regulations impose stricter requirements on measurement uncertainty and the creation of more detailed calibration reports to facilitate traceability and comparability of calibration results, which can only be met with new control instruments. The instruments chosen must not only meet the accuracy requirements of the standard but also integrate easily into commercial software without dependency, and be easy for laboratory technicians to use.

Dracal all-in-one VCP-PTH450-CAL instrument for air condition monitoring, along with the VCP-RTD300-CAL instrument for water temperature monitoring, provide a perfect solution, being easy to integrate into the laboratory's instrument server setup. The compact hardware, various free software solutions (such as Dracalview, climate monitor, and logging), and direct connectivity to existing applications via COM communication ensure a seamless upgrade. The quick delivery and affordable pricing further contribute to the success of the instrument integration.

Prerequisites and limitations

  • Availability of a compatible instrument server setup
  • Basic knowledge of integrating new sensors into the existing laboratory monitoring environment
  • Initial purchase of Dracal sensors
  • Having installed the latest version of Dracal free software DracalView


  • Purchase and setup of Dracal sensors (VCP-PTH450-CAL and VCP-RTD300-CAL)
  • Integration of sensors into the laboratory's instrument server setup
  • Integration of sensor data into the laboratory's pipette calibration software
  • Verification of compliance with the ISO 8655:2022 standard

State after implementation

The pipette calibration laboratory can more quickly comply with the new ISO 8655:2022 pipette calibration standard. The technician benefits from Dracal's compact, reliable instruments, a range of free software solutions for various monitoring needs, and full access to the Dracal support team for climate and water measurement queries.

For his part, the engineer in charge of software integration has integrated the new instruments with existing applications and can work on new projects with a clear mind since Dracal VCP products require no further maintenance.