Using Dracal calibratable instruments as your accurate working reference

Accurate adjustment of reference instruments
Instrumentation Science & Technology

Who is this use case for?
Laboratory technicians or skilled users needing reference instruments that have been accurately set and calibrated.

What is this about?
Adjust and calibrate a reference instrument as accurately as possible before releasing it as a working reference for the day-to-day work.

Customer Story

Feedback from a laboratory technician working in an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory


The DracalView software is impressive and allows for a technician or skilled user to enter the sensed data point and enter the reading of the standard.


Not all devices work like this, even some of the high-end designs by other companies force you to have the device sit in the humidity chamber while you are adjusting it, which can introduce errors because the device is actively reading while you are attempting to adjust it.


Dracal sensors are nice because you can enter the sensed point without it needing to be in the chamber, which allows for a more accurate adjustment, especially when averaging readings over a longer period of time.


I am confident in the adjustments made to these devices to be as close as possible to nominal when they leave the lab, directly because of the way the software and device interact.

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"Complete Package with the Software"

To adjust and calibrate a reference instrument as accurately as possible. Even the most high-end designs from other companies require the device to remain in the chamber during adjustments, potentially introducing errors due to active readings being taken simultaneously.

The choice of Dracal instruments as reference allows the technician first to take all the measurements, average them if needed, and, only after, enter the mapping between the sensed and standard data points. The Dracal instrument is thus optimally calibrated and can be used confidently as a working reference for current measurements.

Prerequisites and limitations

  • Having a control climate chamber for the parameters to be adjusted
  • Having a calibrated reference standard with greater accuracy than the Dracal instrument
  • Having an adjustable Dracal instrument (USB or VCP) with satisfactory precision 
  • Having installed the latest version of our free software DracalView


  • Place both the reference and the Dracal instrument in the climate chamber.
  • At each of the 3 calibration points, record the reference value (nominal value) and the Dracal instrument.
  • Once calibration is complete, enter the 3 pairs of points into the Dracal instrument.
  • Calibration of Dracal instruments can be learned from this simple 3-minute video tutorial.

State after implementation
As a technician, you can let the instruments leave the calibration laboratory in complete confidence, knowing that the adjustments made to the instruments are as close as possible to the nominal value, thanks to how calibration can be implemented post-measurement.

Some of Dracal calibratable instruments