Plug & Log – Start-up Dracal Technologies DAQ system in 3 minutes

Dracal USB sensors are ready to be used upon arrival.

The only steps to follow are to unpack it, connect the wires and download the free software. An unlimited number of Dracal sensors may be used simultaneously with the software.

DracalView’s opening tab is titled Sources and provides the following information: the name of the sensors, the different channels, either real or virtual, along with their units and their customizable aliases.

To graphically visualize a given measurement before logging it, there is the Graph View tab. The desired channels must be selected in the Sources tab by ticking the Graph box. The graph title and axes labels can be modified in just one click, and to quickly ascertain the measurements, if the axes auto-scale boxes are unticked, the mouse wheel can change the zoom.

To log data, the first step is to pick which channels are of interest in the Logging tab. The second step is to define the location and name of the output file in the relevant inset. Other features are customizable to adjust to everyone’s needs. Logging data starts and stops when clicking on the appropriate buttons. 

It is suggested to use the View File button to see if the file being logged corresponds to all desired parameters.

For more details, watch this short video tutorial.