Getting started with Dracal

VCP icon with a tutorial icon merged together

Getting started with VCP mode

Virtual COM Port (VCP)
This tutorial is intended as a complementary tool to guide users step-by-step through getting their Dracal VCP instruments up and running.
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YouTube icon and Dracal instrument plugged in a computer

Plug & Log – Start-up Dracal Technologies DAQ system in 3 minutes

Getting started with Dracal
USB sensors ready to use with free software: visualize and log precision data with DracalView, the video tutorial
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Getting started with DracalView: Dracal graphical user interface software

DracalView guides
Quickly familiarize yourself with DracalView, the user interface software for Dracal Technologies' DAQ solution.
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rocket launch with coding symbol

Getting started with Dracal command-line tools

Command-line tools (CLI)
The text outlines the available command-line tools, provides instructions on locating and running them on different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), and mentions additional resources for further exploration, including documentation, guides, and code examples.
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Using Dracal sensors under Linux

Getting started with Dracal
Procedure to compile our software tools for Linux OS users
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Dracal USB-RTD223 in a Raspberry Pi Model 2

How to use Dracal sensors with a Raspberry Pi?

Code and integration examples
Step-by-step guide for beginners to use Dracal sensors with a Raspberry Pi.
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SensGate front view, with antenna for Wi-Fi connexion

Getting started with the SensGate, without the need for your IT support team

Product guides
This illustrated step-by-step guide will help you get your SensGate up and running in a matter of minutes without needing your IT support team. Among other things, we'll show you how to connection connect with a pre-existing Wi-Fi network when possible or create a secure subnet with the SensGate so you can start working immediately.
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Successful calibration quick start guide

Calibration guides
An illustrated guide to successfully calibrating Dracal sensors using our 3-point user calibration mechanism.
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