Automate 20+ test stations with traceable environmental data

Test station automation and calibration

Industrial equipment manufacturer

Who is this use case for?
Industrial manufacturers and quality control managers seeking reliable, independent, and flexible environmental data monitoring solutions.

What is this about?
Independent integration of precision environmental data into multiple LabVIEW-based test systems

Customer Story

Feedback from the quality control manager from a reknown industrial sensor manufacturer


Initially, we were using sensors from another well-known precision sensor manufacturer. But as they opted for a cloud-based solution that prevented us from accessing our data offline, we looked for another solution that would be easier to use, integrate and allow us to remain independent in our choice of system components.


That's when we found Dracal. Not only did Dracal's data acquisition tools offer us the independence and flexibility we were looking for, they also provided very reliable sensor support. The user calibration option was a game-changer for us, meeting the crucial calibration and traceability requirements we needed to comply with.


We installed a Dracal PTH200-CAL sensor on each of our test stations, and integrated it into our original LabVIEW configuration. Collected data is automatically aggregated, and graphs are produced daily to keep track of conditions at each test station.


In our overall experience, Dracal sensors have been reliable and easy to use for years on our 20+ test stations.

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"Great products, easy to use [...]"

The initial use of sensors from a renowned precision sensor manufacturer suddenly requires online access, which is incompatible with the customer's current installation and independence requirements. The new environmental data sensors must fit with the LabVIEW-based multi-test station and meet high-quality control requirements, particularly concerning calibration and traceability.

Dracal's all-in-one PTH200-CAL sensors provide the independence, flexibility, and reliability needed. The user calibration option is particularly beneficial, enabling compliance with calibration and traceability standards. 

Prerequisites and limitations

  • Existing LabVIEW configuration for data integration
  • Requirement for a USB solution that supports offline automation
  • The initial purchase of Dracal sensors
  • Having identified the best integration tool between command-line tools and the COM communication option (VCP)


State after implementation
Deploying precision environmental data sensors in over 20 test stations is a breeze. LabVIEW integration examples considerably speed up deployment time, making it a simple, routine task. The ease with which Dracal's PTH200-CAL sensors can be calibrated saves hours of calibration every year. The reliability of Dracal's sensor data and the stability of its integration tools reduce the system's autonomy, making it virtually maintenance-free (with the exception of annual recalibration). Overall, alot of time, energy and money is saved by Dracal's proven DAQ solution.

Dracal Product

PTH200 - Dracal USB temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor - Front view with USB Plug