Reliable monitoring of critical parameters in nuclear physics research

Controlling environmental conditions with high precision

Nuclear physics research

Who is this use case for?
Researchers, engineers, and technicians in nuclear physics who need reliable, cost-effective solutions for continuous environmental monitoring and data logging.

What is this about?
Continuously monitoring reliable environmental data using the infrastructure (here, LabVIEW) already in place.

Customer Story

Feedback from an associate professor at Creighton University


We are working in the field of ultracold atomic physics and Bose-Einstein condensates. Previously, we used Omega sensors but were dissatisfied with their computer interface and high prices. Dracal's products fit our needs perfectly.


In our nuclear physics research, we continuously monitor environmental conditions with high precision, recording data 24/7. We’ve integrated Dracal PTH450 the data into a LabVIEW VI, and Dracal’s sensors have been very easy to use and integrate. The command-line tool was particularly useful.


We chose Dracal primarily for its cost-effectiveness, ease of interfacing, and the ability to calibrate instruments, which is crucial for the reliability of our data.


Our needs are not unique; we conduct straightforward experiments, but many of them are sensitive to environmental parameters. We even built our own datalogger in LabVIEW. Dracal's solutions have proven to be an excellent fit for our requirements.

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Installation of a reliable and affordable data acquisition system. The data acquired must be highly accurate. Complete industrial data acquisition systems are not an option due to their high cost and complexity of use. The solution must both use the infrastructure already in place and be quickly ready to use.

Adoption of Dracal's free data acquisition and integration toolbox, together with 3-in-1 USB-PTH450-CAL calibratable sensors. Command-line tools are chosen as the preferred means of integration, and the ready-made LabVIEW integration example is used to get up and running immediately. 

Prerequisites and limitations

  • Basic understanding of command-line execution
  • Have a computer with LabVIEW installed
  • The initial purchase of Dracal calibratable products further adjusted by an accredited ISO17025 calibration laboratory for optimal precision and reliability


State after implementation
Significant improvements in the environmental monitoring process. The sensors are easy to use and integrate, and the data collection runs smoothly within an easy-to-manage LabVIEW VI. The fact that the instruments have been adjusted and calibrated by an ISO17025-accredited laboratory gives complete confidence in the quality of your data and peace of mind that experiments will not be compromised by critical changes in the experimental environment. The cost-effectiveness and ease of interfacing make Dracal’s solutions a perfect fit for high-precision research needs.