Robust, high precision USB temperature, humidity and air pressure sensor

Typical operating range and precision
Temperature (°C): -40 to 125 ±0.1
Relative humidity (%RH): 0 to 100 ±1.5
Atmospheric pressure (kPa)
At 25 °C: 70 to 110 ±0.15
From 10 to 40°C: 70 to 110 ±0.18
From 0 to 40°C: 45 to 110 ±0.20
  • Monitors dew point
  • RoHS3 and CE compliant


  • Internal filter efficiency: >99.99% of particles as small as 200 nm
  • Compact aluminum external protection

Additional information

  • Free data acquisition toolkit
  • 3-point user calibration mechanism (optional)
  • VCP mode (optional)
  • Traceable to the CNRC (NIST) certificates (optional)


Combined Measurements: The PTH450 allows simultaneous measurement of atmospheric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity in a harmonized manner.

Exceptional Accuracy: It provides high precision with minimal margins of error, ensuring reliable measurements.

Shock Resistance: Its aluminum probe makes it resistant to mechanical shocks, ensuring durability even in demanding environments.

Extended Temperature Range: Thanks to its silicone cable, the PTH450 can measure temperatures up to 125°C.

Easy Integration: It can be integrated into any test system using command-line tools or VCP communication mode, offering great application flexibility, even in hostile environments.