Monitoring tools for pipette calibration

Here is an excerpt from a comment on Dracal Technologies' Trustpilot page:

"Dracal sensors made our METTLER TOLEDO RAININ state of the art calibration lab fully compliant to the new ISO 8655:2022 Pipette calibration standard. The sensors were easy to integrate into our laboratory monitoring environment (instrument server setup)."

What is this about?

The company offers calibration services for laboratory pipettes with volumes ranging from 2 µl to 20 ml. Their calibration software generates reports showing the volume of deionized water sampled and expected, as well as environmental parameters such as air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and water temperature.

What is ISO8655:2022?

ISO8655 is a subcategory of the ISO17025 standard, more specific to pipettes. ISO 8655:2022 is a revision of ISO 8655:2002.

The main additions and changes made by the 2022 version compared to the previous one are as follows:

  • Clarification and updating of definitions and terms used in pipette calibration and verification.
  • Inclusion of a broader range of pipettes, including automatic pipettes and large-capacity pipettes.
  • Proposing more detailed and updated calibration procedures, particularly regarding pipetting volumes and measurement methods.
  • Stricter requirements for measurement uncertainty, ensuring increased accuracy during pipette calibration.
  • More detailed calibration reports to facilitate traceability and comparability of calibration results.

What is Dracal Technologies' role?

The user of this global enterprise has equipped themselves with measuring instruments to certify climatic conditions (VCP-PTH450-CAL) and water temperature (VCP-RTD300-CAL). The VCP option allows simple data integration into their software to provide detailed calibration reports. Moreover, the instruments' high precision meets the measurement uncertainty requirements.