5 reasons to choose a calibratable (adjustable) instrument

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Dracal Technologies' measuring instruments offer the option of being calibratable. This means that not only can they be compared to a reference instrument, but they also have a three-point calibration mechanism that allows for measurement adjustment. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider equipping yourself with this option.

1. Ensure compliance with industry standards

The -CAL option enables the recalibration of your instrument in virtually any ISO17025-accredited laboratory, allowing you to comply with the standards applicable in your industry.

2. Maintain long-term accuracy

Over time, any sensor undergoes natural drift in its readings, which can vary in magnitude depending on its usage. The -CAL option allows for adjustment of the readings to compensate for this natural drift and maintain measurement accuracy.

3. Make an environmentally conscious choice

As the -CAL option allows you to keep your instruments for much longer, it becomes a compelling argument for considering the adoption of the -CAL option with recalibration tasks.

4. Maximize the cost-to-lifespan ratio

This is an important consideration. By considering the material cost of replacing an instrument (which is more expensive than the -CAL option itself), not to mention the time required to adapt the measurement system to a new instrument, the ability to keep the same instrument in place for several years offers an obvious financial advantage.

5. Save time and money by self-calibrating your instruments

Do you have the necessary setup to perform your own calibration? Or do you plan to acquire such a setup in the future? If so, the ability to self-calibrate your instruments proves to be a major asset both in terms of finances and scheduling. Considering that calibration with an external laboratory takes several weeks and is costly, the option to perform these tasks internally with our free software offers significant potential for savings.