Release of the RTD223 USB adapter

We were already offering the RTD_23, a USB adapter for RTD probes that connects through a 3-position terminal block.

We are now releasing an enhanced version of the RTD_23: the RTD223!

Offering the same specifications as the RTD_23, the RTD223 comes with several options. The mode of communication can either be USB or VCP, allowing an even easier integration of the instrument to your own systems. Plus, the RTD223 can be calibratable through our 3-point user-calibration mechanism. Even better: the RTD223 was also developed with both options: VCP-RTD223-CAL. The calibration is then performed directly on the measuring instrument communicating via VCP.

The great advantage of opting for a calibratable device is to adjust its accuracy after some time of use. It is also relevant in the case of using several instruments to harmonize them.