USB temperature and relative humidity sensor with exposed end

Typical operating range and precision
Temperature (°C): -40 to 70 ±0.3
Relative humidity (%RH): 0 to 100 ±2.0
  • Monitors dew point
  • RoHS3 and CE compliant


  • Exposed sensor

Additional information

  • Free data acquisition toolkit
  • 3-point user calibration mechanism (optional)
  • VCP mode (optional)
  • Traceable to the CNRC (NIST) certificates (optional)


Precision and Speed: This is a highly precise instrument for measuring temperature and relative humidity, and thanks to its exposed sensor, it provides a fast response time (t63% = 5 s), ensuring accurate and responsive measurements.

Hard Surface Measurements: Its ability to accurately measure temperature (± 0.3 °C) on hard surfaces makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring quality data on such surfaces.

Extended Relative Humidity Range: Despite its exposed sensor, the TRH200 can measure relative humidity levels up to 100% RH with an accuracy of ± 2.0% RH if it is not exposed to condensation conditions.

Design Flexibility: Its small probe can easily integrate into various systems, regardless of their formats, to contact the surface under test, simplifying integration into diverse environments.