USB precision barometer

Atmospheric pressure
Operating range: 1 à 120 kPa (10 à 1200 mbar)
Accuracy (at 25°C): ±0.15 kPa (1.5 mbar)
Resolution: 0.0065 kPa (0.065 mbar)
  • User-accessible internal temperature reading (for calibration purposes)
  • RoHS3 compliant

Additional information

  • Free data acquisition toolkit
  • 3-point user calibration mechanism (optional)
  • VCP mode (optional)
  • Traceable to the CNRC (NIST) certificates (optional)


High Precision: The BAR20 is a precision barometer with an accuracy of ±0.15 kPa, ensuring accurate measurements of atmospheric pressure.

Accurate Altitude Calculation: It can calculate altitude with a precision as low as 10 cm, providing reliable data for altitude-related applications.

Wide Temperature Range: The BAR20 can be used at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C while maintaining temperature compensation to ensure accurate data, even in variable environmental conditions.