Modular Instrument Integration (MII) solution for OEMs

We introduce Dracal Modular Instrument Integration (MII) solution. Bridging the gap between precision instrumentation and sensor industries, the MII solution allow OEMs to effortlessly integrate portable high-precision instruments into their products and solutions.

The MII solution integrates two powerhouse features – the 3-point user calibration (CAL) and virtual COM communication (VCP) – providing an all-encompassing toolkit for OEMs seeking to offer their end-users access and full control to precision instruments.

The 3-Point User Calibration (CAL Feature) allow your end-users to take full control of their calibration requirements with seamless instrument replacement, zero downtime, and the freedom to choose their preferred ISO17025 calibration laboratories. Dracal sensor ecosystem can meets the highest standards, such as the new environmental measurement requirements of ISO 8655:2022 for pipette calibration, for example.

The Virtual COM Communication (VCP Feature) allow you, the integrator, to benefit robust, simple, and third-party-free integration of precision instruments in minutes with our available sample copy-and-paste code banks.

Find below what's in it for OEMs:

Interchangeable Modular Instruments Seamlessly integrate a variety of high-precision instruments for enhanced flexibility.

Diverse Measurement Ecosystem Access a comprehensive range of measurements including temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, light, and VOCs.

Traceability and Certification Unique serial numbers for traceability and certification by our ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratories.

User Autonomy Benefit from free user access to our 3-point polynomial calibration mechanism.

Virtual COM Communication Achieve free third-party integration with ready-made code examples in many programming languages, ensuring integration times of less than one hour.

Our DracalView and CLI Toolbox Utilize free access to our DracalView graphical interface and CLI toolbox for instant visualization

Time and Cost Savings Save an average of 10 hours per end-user per year in support time for calibration tasks and related downtime.

Discover the comprehensive range of instruments covered by our MII solution on our product page filtered by "MII solution for OEM". Order your instruments with the VCP and CAL options identified as MII solution for OEM, and upgrade your product with new precision measurement capabilities in record time.