Major Release: Dracal Goes Wi-Fi

We are extremely proud to introduce the latest addition to the Dracal Technologies family: the SensGate. It is a remote recording station that communicates data via Wi-Fi or Ethernet network in a reliable and instantaneous manner. Even better, your valuable data will be stored on the station and can be downloaded whenever you want.

With the SensGate, you can leave your Dracal USB sensors in their environment and simply connect to its network from wherever you want to start logging data.

It can generate its own network and act as a router, so don't worry if the recording location doesn't have a network. With 7 USB ports, it can connect as many Dracal instruments... and more! In fact, multiple SensGates or USB port hubs can be connected in relay, allowing an infinite number of instruments to record data simultaneously.

Visit the SensGate page to learn about all of its features and read the documentation available on the website to see how easy it is to use.