Accurate measurement of CO2 captured in the concrete formation at CarbonBuilt

Technology provider to the concrete industry

″We originally deployed your sensors for both bench-top and pilot scale projects. We are now constructing our first commercial project.

For context: Our ultra-low carbon concrete technology profitably reduces embodied carbon of concrete products by 70-100+% through the use of lower carbon binding ingredients and the mineralization of atmospheric carbon, storing it permanently. The technology is integrated with existing concrete plants. After the retrofit, a single concrete masonry unit production line running a single shift will remove 500-1000 tonnes of carbon while avoiding another 2500-3500 annually. The end products meet all standards and specifications, generate additional producer income from the sale of high-quality carbon credits, and can be sold at price parity to their traditional counterparts.


We have been pleased with the integrity, accuracy and robustness of Dracal products.

Concrete production

Technology provider to the concrete industry

CO2 capture and utilization

Development of an innovative technology for the mineralization of carbon dioxide in concrete production

Dracal Products

Contribution to the project
Integration of Dracal environmental sensors to accurately measure the level of captured CO2, and monitor the environmental operation conditions of the prototype in the industrial assembly phase for commercialization.

Customer Feedback
The accuracy and robustness of Dracal’s products make the instruments not only suitable for supporting R&D activities, but also for easy integration into commercial use.