Using an RTD200 as a reference instrument at ANV Laser

Biomedical Technologies
Specialized Equipment Manufacturing

″We produce devices for quality assurance for medical devices. The Dracal RTD is part of our device. The data is used for calibration. We chose Dracal because it was in the range of our requirements for precision, temperature
range, its robustness. It is quite a good product. The measurements are robust.

We use it as a reference point to calibrate other thermometers. This is a crucial point for us because we use temperature to test the quality of medical instrument. The process of QA is to take the temperature and check what happens at these temperatures. Not plus 1 or minus 1˚C, really at this temperature. Reliability, for us, it is a crucial point.


We chose a USB solution because it is the easiest way to integrate the product. Also, USB is cross-platform. Every computer has a USB port.

Biomedical Technologies

Manufacturer of quality analysis equipment in the biomedical industry

Development and distribution of quality control equipment for medical devices

Assessment of the behavior of the tested instruments under various environmental conditions

Dracal Products

ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate

Contribution to the project
The USB-RTD200 with the RTD probe supplied by Dracal Technologies is an integral part of the designed device, used as a temperature reference during test sequences and calibration of other thermometers.

Customer Feedback
The accuracy and reliability of Dracal Technologies′ data meet the high requirements imposed by the biomedical industry. The USB solution is one of choice because it is multi-platform and universal.