Plug & Log Instruments for Reliable Data.

Simple. Fast. Precise. Accessible.

Instantly access the precision data you need.

Harmonized data you can visualize instantly, log easily and integrate in all simplicity.

Spend your time on projects and tasks that really matter

Be instantly operational without having to maintain yet an other software infrascructure.

Be sure to meet your highest precision needs

Take advantage of our industry leading 3-point polynomial user calibration mechanism to take control of your device.

Get peace of mind with industry-proven data quality

Own robust and reliable Canadian products, individually tested here in Canada. Traceability certificates issued by an ISO17025 laboratory are available.

Be assured that the efforts invested today will last over time

Take advantage of our mix-and-match sensor ecosystem to build a portable, scalable, and diversified station that relies on fully backward compatible solutions.

Products you can trust

Approved by engineers, scientists and researchers around the world.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies worldwide:

3 simple steps to your goal

Step 1

Download our application

Install in seconds our free data acquisition and integration toolkit
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Connect the devices to a free USB port.
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Step 3

Log and integrate

Instantly visualize your data and integrate your data stream.
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