Scientific Software Providers: Why Dracal’s VCP option can be the solution you and your end-users have been waiting for


In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific software, one thing remains constant: the need for accurate, reliable data. Whether you're developing Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS), pipette calibration software, or quality management solutions, precision data is the lifeblood of your applications. This is where Dracal Technologies comes in, offering a unique opportunity for software providers to elevate their offerings and meet their customers' data integration needs effortlessly.

The Challenge: Unmet Data Integration Needs

Many specialized scientific software providers face a common challenge – the need to integrate precision sensors seamlessly into their applications. ISO norms, stringent quality procedures, and industry regulations demand precise environmental data, including temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, and CO2 levels. Yet, the burden of finding suitable sensors and connecting them to their software often falls on end-users' shoulders.

The result? A fragmented and often frustrating experience for the end-users who grapple with data collection and integration complexities. Enters Dracal Technologies with a game-changing solution.

Dracal's Unique Offering: Precision Sensors with Seamless Integration

At Dracal Technologies, we specialize in manufacturing USB sensors designed to provide unparalleled precision and ease of integration. Our sensors are not only small and beautifully designed for sophisticated end-users but also come with features that set them apart in the market.

Quick and Easy Integration: The key advantage of Dracal's sensors is their seamless integration capability. Our sensors can communicate as Virtual COM Ports (VCP option), allowing software providers to effortlessly integrate them without relying on third-party software. This means quicker development cycles and fewer integration hurdles for your development team.

Low-Risk Solution: With Dracal's sensors equipped with the VCP option, you can offer your customers a low-risk solution. No more worries about complex licensing management or dependence on future software updates from hardware providers. Our sensors are designed to ensure smooth, trouble-free operations for your end users.

Free, Cross-Platform Software Tools: To sweeten the deal, we provide free, cross-platform software tools for instant data visualization and logging. This means your customers can also begin monitoring their environmental data immediately, with no additional cost or complexity.

Calibratability: Dracal's sensors are not just precise; they are also calibratable. Offering a 3-point calibration for each data channel, our sensors empower your customers to maintain data accuracy independently. They can conduct calibrations in-house, reducing their reliance on external service providers.

Backward Compatibility: At Dracal, we understand the importance of ensuring your customers' investment in your software remains valuable over time. That's why we promise full backward compatibility. What works today will still work tomorrow, giving your customers peace of mind and long-term satisfaction.

The Benefits for Software Providers

Integrating Dracal's precision sensors into your specialized scientific software offerings can yield numerous benefits:

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By providing an all-in-one solution that meets your customers' data integration and live data monitoring needs, you enhance their overall satisfaction with your software. No more frustration with third-party sensor integration – it's all built-in and ready to go.

Competitive Advantage: Offering Dracal's sensors as part of your software package sets you apart from competitors. You provide a comprehensive solution that includes powerful software and the hardware needed for precise data collection.

Reduced Development Time: The VCP communication method ensures quick and painless integration, reducing development time and costs. Your software engineers can focus on what they do best – building and improving your software.

Independence from Third-Party Solutions: Say goodbye to the headaches of managing licenses and dependencies on external hardware and software providers. Dracal's sensors offer an all-in-one solution that puts you in control.

Long-Term Sustainability: Dracal's commitment to backward compatibility ensures your customers can rely on your software for years. You won't leave them stranded with obsolete technology.


Incorporating Dracal's precision sensors into your specialized scientific software offerings is a strategic move that benefits both you and your customers. By providing seamless data integration, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the market, you can position your software as the go-to solution for industries with demanding data needs.

Don't let your customers struggle with data integration any longer. Adopt Dracal's sensors, and together, we can revolutionize how scientific data is collected, integrated, and utilized in your software applications. Contact us today to explore this unique opportunity and take your software offerings to the next level. Remember, what works now will still work tomorrow with Dracal Technologies.