Why does Dracal exist, and what does it promise?

Dracal Technologies logo and Scrabble letters spelling "mission"

Have you visited the "About" section to discover the company's origin? The story behind Dracal's idea and success is narrated there.

But beyond a story and an idea, who is Dracal truly? What motivates our team to wake up every morning and diligently work on this project? Beyond data acquisition products and solutions, Dracal has a soul and is guided by an existential mission: positively contributing to accelerating scientific and engineering progress. The mission of Dracal Technologies is the "Why" of Dracal. 

Dracal Technologies’ mission

The “Why” of Dracal

Humanity faces existential challenges. While not everyone agrees on the severity of various issues, the majority acknowledges their existence. Whether it's climate change, overpopulation, or resulting health challenges, the list of questions that humankind must answer and take action on only grows with time.

Assuming that there are always at least three solutions to a problem (one of our principles), Dracal fundamentally believes that scientific research and engineering generally contribute at least one significant answer to the major challenges humanity is trying to address. Dracal is composed of a team of engineers and scientists. It is what we all fundamentally believe in, and it is also Dracal's raison d'être.

So, to the question, "Why does Dracal exist?" the fundamental answer is "To help accelerate progress in science and engineering."

The “How” and the “What” of Dracal

The "How" and "What" of Dracal were determined based on their usefulness to engineers and scientists. "Usefulness" is crucial. Dracal was not founded to impress investors, satisfy founders' egos, or win innovation contests. Dracal is an intelligent and caring company that works solely to serve its clients, scientists, and engineers on the front lines of addressing the significant questions of the modern and future world.

The image below illustrates the heart, mind, and body of Dracal Technologies.

Why How What of Dracal Technologies


Execution-wise, Dracal lives by four core values that guide our decision-making and ensure we deliver a consistent "What" aligned with our purpose.

Why only four values? It's a matter of focus. We prefer executing four values well over having ten theoretical values on paper.

Simplicity is the first foundational value of the company. Aiming for ultimate simplicity requires Dracal to make difficult decisions. Let's admit it; it would sometimes be much easier to offer thousands of configuration options and shift the decision-making burden to the user. We take charge of those decisions to free up maximum mental space for our users.

Customer focus, as the second value, is one of the easiest to maintain, given the company's mission. It includes unlimited benevolence towards our clients and prospects, addressing their questions and support needs. It is also reflected in our product and software development process, based on genuine requests from our current users. It involves us frequently asking for your opinion, which you are free to give or not.

Excellence is the value that brings us great joy in working together. At Dracal, all team members are highly competent. One possible trade-off for our clients is that we never commit to a quick product or software delivery time to ensure that the team always takes great pride in what they produce. But apart from that, there are only benefits for both us and our clients.

The environment is a value we continuously work on and guides the choice of our partners and components. With our enclosures, minimizing our environmental impact is a real challenge that we must constantly address, and that's why they are designed to be robust. Increasing our products' lifespan is one way we minimize our environmental impact. It is a duty we have for our children and our planet.

Beyond words: Commitments

The promise Dracal makes to its users, which can also be found in its warranty policy, is as follows:

"Dracal Technologies guarantees unmatched ease of use and exceptional quality of its products, which are composed of new materials, assembled and individually tested in our factory in Canada, following processes that respect human rights and the environment. We guarantee the absolute absence of any form of planned obsolescence. Conversely, we make sustained efforts in both our electrical and mechanical designs to extend the lifespan of our devices for as long as possible so that the results of our customers' efforts endure over time and, equally importantly, to preserve our planet. We guarantee free access to any updates of our free software tools."